“The interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX, training and ongoing support from the consultants of “EnTechEco” provided confidence in the work of users, as well as the required efficiency and transparency in the planning, control over the implementation and reporting documentation. The results of the solution “ETE: Utilities” were reported by the technical committee of the City Council of Deputies. Positive feedback was received and recommendations to use the solution “ETE: Utilities” as a single management system and communal services of the city. The city’s leadership decided to prepare plans for further development “ETE: Utilities”.

Thanks to the work of a professional team of specialists of the company “EnTechEco” in achieving the objectives of the project, executed the task of ensuring accurate credentials, are shown the ways of improving the management of housing and communal services of the city, which allowed our specialists not only increase the efficiency of management decisions, but also timely to conduct a cost analysis of their place of origin.A. Yakovlev, the Director by UE 'Zhilkomservice'

“Design Bureau “Switching equipment” – is the domestic company, which is the part of the Industrial Group Tavrida Electric. The main industrial activity of the enterprise – is designing, serial production and maintenance of vacuum switching equipment, small switchgear and surge arresters for 6-10 kV networks. The customers of our products are enterprises of the fuel and energy complexes, electric, metallurgy, and energy management of utilities.

After analyzing the market of modern IT-solutions in the field of automation of financial planning, we came to the conclusion that the high demands on the functionality of the system corresponds to the software Geac Performance Management (Comshare MPC).

Experts of the joint working group on “EnTechEco” and “Tavrida Electric” conducted a rapid survey of existing at the time business processes of financial planning and control. Based on their analysis, the experts of “EnTechEco” proposed to hold intensive training to implement the system specialists “Tavrida Electric” followed by the introduction of an independent system in the enterprise.

Within 2 weeks of training, covering all aspects for the full implementation of the system, also trained users of the system. High professionalism of experts of “EnTechEco”, provides training, allowed IT- staff Industrial Group independently conduct the process of implementing the system.

The professional approach of teachers “EnTechEco” to learning process allowed us to implement the software on their own without the involvement of external consultants, which significantly reduced the financial costs of implementation.A. Kosolapov, the Director of DB Switching equipment Ltd.

On Zmiivska TPP over 2 years successfully operated automated control system of financial and economic activity of the enterprise “Financial Collection” and automated control systems of fuel, which are development by “EnTechEco”, the part of the corporation “MUST-IPRA”.

Automated control system of financial and economic activity of the enterprise “Financial Collection” allowed to optimize the overall management of the economic resources of the enterprise, to carry out economic analysis and financial planning.

Automated control systems of fuel designed for effective organization of accounting for all fuel types in accordance with applicable codes and standards.

This software has proved itself stable in operation and able to solve all the tasks. Implementation of the system given the high economic impact due to the control shipments of low-quality fuel and detecting errors in the calculations with suppliers. The system paid for itself within the first months of operation.A. Perevozniy, the Deputy. Director of Economics of Zmiivska TPP

The operational of automation, accounting and tax records of raw materials and finished products with the creation of a single set of financial and economic activity of the enterprise based on software complex “Financial Collection”, developed by “EnTechEco”, allowed to shift the focus from routine work to the analysis of activity.

In the course of the project was implemented all the functionality of accounting, warehouse inventory of materials and so on, automated statistical packages, accounting and tax reporting.

Currently fully automate all functions of accounting units, non-stop work remote from the central office units in the system, which proves the high level of professionalism of experts of “EnTechEco.”G. Zalevska, Chief Accountant of Donetskkoks

The system of “Financial Collection” allowed to computerize maintaining the priority of economic functions – accounting, tax accounting, management of filing of the personnel department, payroll, accounting, fixed assets and inventory.

The system, developed by “EnTechEco” works using DBMS Oracle, which indicates a high level of protection of our data. The system is implemented really multiplayer mode – all that brought worker becomes available immediately.O. Melnik, Chief Accountant of AES Kyivoblenergo

Feature of budget management in “Dneprooblenergo” is planning and control actually sliding mode – formation and centralized approval of budgets of each business unit of the company and the construction of consolidated budgets across the company.

The specialists of “EnTechEco” proposed a model implementation of budget management of the company based on software Geas Performance Management (Comshare MPS).

Subsystem to automate all the budget planning process, constant monitoring of their performance, comparing planned and actual performance, gap analysis and then adjusting budgets based on the data on the financial and economic activity of the enterprise;

The subsystem provides flexible configuration tools to display the multi-level indicators, the possibility of multiple versions of budgets (at least optimistic, pessimistic and realistic), the ability to calculate the situation on a “what if”, forecasting capabilities, the ability to generate arbitrary reports and analytical reports “on the fly”;

The subsystem is integrated with the accounting modules in terms of budget execution in real-time.
Would like to mention the high professionalism and culture of employees “EnTechEco”, carried out both installation and configuration of the system, training of our professionals, and is currently carrying out work to support Geas Performance Management (Comshare MPS). All work was completed in a timely manner according to contractual obligations, with excellent level of understanding of employees “EnTehEko” and “Dneprooblenergo”.C. Tomasik, The Director of Finance and Economics Dneprooblenergo

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