Implementation of advanced solutions of the company “EnTechEco” based on products of Microsoft improves performance and profitability of companies of various industries. Having years of experience and expertise of cooperation with energy, manufacturing, chemical, municipal and other companies, we have created solutions which guarantee rapid payback of implementation and provide additional competitive advantages to enterprises. Our products meet essential requirements of customers, requirements of specific industries, as well as requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

Resource management of a large enterprise covers all areas of management: production and distribution, supply chains and projects, finance and business analysis tools, relations with customers and personnel. The solution ETE: Manufacturing Enterprise implemented on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX is intended to be used for comprehensive automation of management of resources of manufacturing enterprises, and it gives the possibility to automate all business processes of industrial enterprises.
The industrial control system for public utility facilities ETE: Public Utility Sector is intended to be used for generation of the database of reference and technical information for public utility facilities, automation of keeping records on technical state of public utility facilities, automation of control of maintenance of housing stock. The solution ETE: Public Utility Sector gives the possibility to automate management functions for providers of public utility services of different forms of ownership and local authorities within a single information system.
The solution ETE: Energy Development is an integrated solution for automation of business processes in energy supply holding companies. The solution is developed by “EnTechEco” on the basis of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform with consideration for specific requirements of the Ukrainian energy market and legislation, and it gives the possibility to automate business processes of holding companies and their units, to manage resources of a large energy companies and provides flexible tools for collection and analysis of information.
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