The automation of the operational, accounting and tax accounting of raw materials and finished products with the creation of a single complex for managing the financial and economic activities of the enterprise on the basis of the “Financial Collection” software complex developed by the company “EnTechEco” made it possible to shift the emphasis from routine work to analyzing activities. was implemented all the functionality of accounting, inventory management of materials, etc.

Automated packages of statistical, accounting and tax reporting. At present, all the functions of accounting departments are fully automated, 24-hour operations of remote units from the central office are provided in the system, which proves the high level of professionalism of the specialists of the company “EnTechEco”.

The system “Financial collection” allowed to computerize the management of the primary economic functions – accounting, tax accounting, keeping the card index of the personnel department, accounting of salaries, accounting of fixed assets and stock.
The system developed by the specialists of “EnTechEco” works with the Oracle database, which indicates a high level of protection of our data. The system really implemented a multi-user mode of operation – everything that the employee entered, becomes available immediately.
The automated fuel accounting system is designed for efficient organization of accounting for all types of fuel in accordance with applicable norms and standards.
This software proved to be stable in the work and able to solve all the tasks. The introduction of the system gave a high economic effect by controlling the supply of low-quality fuel and identifying errors in the calculations with suppliers. The system paid for itself during the first months of operation.
Experts of the company “EnTechEco” offered a model for implementing the budgetary management of the Company on the basis of the software product Geaс Performance Management (Comshare MPС). The subsystem automated all budgeting processes, constant monitoring of their execution, comparison of planned and actual indicators, analysis of discrepancies and subsequent adjustment of budgets based on the received data on the financial and economic activities of the enterprise.
I would like to especially note the high professionalism and culture of the employees of OOO EnTechEco, who carried out both installation and setup of the system, training of our specialists, as well as ongoing support of Geas Performance Management (Comshare MPC). All the works were completed within the established timeframe in accordance with the Contractual obligations, with an excellent level of mutual understanding between the employees of EnTechEco LLC and JSC EC Dneprooblenergo.
The specialists of the joint working group from “EnTechEco” and “Tavrida Electric” conducted an express survey of the current business processes of financial planning and control. Based on the analysis, the specialists of “EnTechEco” offered to conduct intensive training on the introduction of the system for specialists of Tavrida Electric with subsequent independent implementation of the system at the enterprise.
Within 2 weeks, a training was held covering all aspects of the full implementation of the system, as well as training users of the system. The high professionalism of the specialists of “EnTechEco”, who carried out the training, enabled the IT team of the industrial group to independently implement the system implementation process.
Microsoft Dynamics AX interface, training and constant support from the consultants of “EnTechEco” provided confidence in the work of users, as well as the required speed and transparency in planning, monitoring the implementation and formation of reporting documents. At the level of city management, a decision was made to prepare plans for the further development of “ETE: Public Utility Sector”.
Due to the work of the professional group of specialists of the company “EnTechEco” in the implementation of the assigned tasks of the project, the task was to provide accurate accounting data, shows ways to improve the management of the housing and communal services of the city, which enabled our specialists not only to increase the efficiency of making managerial decisions, but also to conduct timely analysis costs of their origin.

One of the largest energy generating companies of PJSC “Centrenergo” provides thermal and electric energy to the industrial centers of our country. Constant monitoring of the condition of the equipment, as well as effective planning of regular and operative work on its maintenance are vital for the enterprise. A modern software automation tool has made it possible to coordinate the work of personnel in several branches of the enterprise, to reduce the number of emergency situations and to increase the level of security in general.

Tasks solved at the enterprise:

The competence of the municipal enterprise “Zhilkomservis” includes all issues of housing fund management in the city of Kharkov. The large-scale project of automation of the housing and communal complex consisting of several stages made it possible to take the management of the city’s resources to a new level, to optimize interaction with suppliers and direct consumers of services, it was a step towards reforming the industry in accordance with modern standards and technologies.

Tasks solved at the enterprise:

Thousands of employees, a vast fleet of equipment, turnover of materials and finished products – the activities of a large modern enterprise can not be carried out without an effective automation tool. The project of the system implementation, including the survey, analysis of the data obtained and the development of a further strategy for automating financial accounting, was performed by the best specialists of the company, which ensured subsequent training of the personnel and technical support of the system in the future.

Tasks solved at the enterprise:

As a result of the introduction of a modern automation system, Donetsk сoke-chemical plant managed to optimize the production process as a whole, improve control over the materials used and the quality of products, reduce unnecessary costs and save additional resources. Using a multifunctional software product allowed to adjust the interaction with suppliers and customers to achieve maximum effectiveness of cooperation.

Tasks solved at the enterprise:
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