“Financial Collection” – a system of comprehensive automation of resource management and financial and economic activities of large and medium enterprises and their associations (corporations, holding companies). It covers the most important business processes in the present-day enterprise, in particular:

Management accounting, control and analysis, financial analysis.

Accounting for fixed assets Banking operations Commercial operations Financial analysis
Cash department Accounting for financial operations Accounting for stocks
Travel expenses
Cash flow monitoring
Extended analysis of accounts Maintenance of personnel records Accounting for finished products
Off-balance-sheet accounts Schedule of positions and salaries Accounting for works and services
Closing of accounts Salary Special service

Schematic diagram of financial and economic blocks of “Financial Collection”

“Financial Collection” is an integrated family of software modules structured in functional blocks. Modularity gives the possibility to purchase only components with necessary functional capacities and to provide phased extension of the system. All modules are organized in accordance with the same rules regulating work with objects of subject area, they use common database structures, they can share data when required, etc.

Subsystem “Financial and tax accounting”:

Subsystem “Human resource management staff and payroll calculations”:

Subsystem “Procurement”:

Subsystem “Financial analysis”:

Subsystem “Industrial accounting “:

Subsystem “Management accounting, control and analysis “:

Special service.


“Financial Collection” can be operated both in localized enterprises and in facilities with territorially distributed structure (networks of affiliated entities or remote units, holdings corporations). In this regard, a single centralized or distributed database is supported and the decision for various problems of corporate management is provided.

“Financial Collection” is oriented toward large and middle enterprises which exercise their its activities primarily in the following sectors of economy:

“Financial Collection” is in successful operation in Ukrainian enterprises for more than 20 years, its Windows version (client/server architecture) is in operation for 17 years (since 1997). The system is being regularly updated in accordance with changing requirements of market and Ukrainian legislation.

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