Human resource management

The subsystem is intended to be used for structuring and efficient use of information on employees of the company, their competence and skills; for effective personnel selection including the assessment of the internal personnel reserve; for keeping records for personnel development (on-the-job training, advanced training, certification, etc.).

Capabilities in regard to personnel selection give the possibility to control the process from occurrence of a vacancy, getting CVs, maintenance of correspondence and taking interviews by different managers till the applicant’s recruitment or refusal.

Personnel selection

Personnel development

Schedule of positions and salaries

The subsystem is intended to be used for automation of organizational management: maintenance of organizational and functional structure of enterprises, schedule of positions and salaries, keeping records on workplaces (including hazardous ones), holding activities related to the large-scale increase of salaries of employees, payroll planning in accordance with data of the schedule of positions and salaries.

Human resource records

The subsystem is designed to automate the administration of human resources of enterprises: maintenance of cards of employees with all necessary information of any type; registration and issuance of orders related to employees (employment, transfer, vacation, recall from vacation, change of personal data, dismissal); electronic approval of orders by necessary authorities (officials); keeping histories of career of all employees; maintenance of vacation schedules.

Working time recording and payroll calculation

The subsystem is intended to be used for automation of working time recording and for payroll calculation. It provides flexible adjustment of work schedule, algorithms for payroll calculation by specific charges and deductions. All primary information needed for the payroll calculation is being automatically taken from other modules of the system or entered directly into this module. Payroll lists can be both generated by the system and prepared in the format of a particular bank to be credited to accounts of employees through the Client/Bank system. Payroll postings can be both separated in the Ledger module (when its implementation) and executed in the format required for their registration in the external accounting system.

Economic efficiency of the solution

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