Repair and maintenance industrial control system (R&M ICS) is an information system intended to be used for automation of management of processes associated with maintenance and repair (M&R) of equipment (fixed assets) of the enterprise.

R&M ICS refers to CMMS/EAM systems (CMMS means ‘computerized maintenance management systems’; EAM means ‘enterprise asset management’).

The use of R&M ICS gives the following possibilities:

as well as promotes the transition from the scheme of preventive maintenance repairs to the scheme of repairs depending on the technical state of equipment in conjunction with associated factors related to test operations, keeping records on performance and parameters of production, registration and assessment of the impact of external factors, etc.

R&M ICS is an expert solution in which special features of M&R being a specific kind of production activity are taken into account. However, R&M ICS may be integrated with financial and economic systems, human resource management systems, industrial process control systems (IPCS), computer-aided design (CAD) systems, automated dispatch control system (ADCS), network planning and project management systems, geographic information systems (GIS), et al. This gives the possibility to build a corporate information system of the enterprise, which would be one of the best-in-class systems, and to get the most benefit from automation.

R&M ICS has a full-featured flexible system of granting users access to functions and data of the system; this actually means the additional security level which gives the possibility to change users access rights depending on changes of requirements to new modules and functions when adding them.

The proved certified methodology (and the well-balanced system of consulting and support during the commercial operation) are used for the implementation of R&M ICS. In combination with the openness of R&M ICS, this enables the system to develop with the enterprise and provides low total cost of ownership (TCO).

R&M ICS is developed with the use of advanced technologies, and this makes it scalable and customizable depending on the specific character of the enterprise.

Functional capabilities of R&M ICS:

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