Q: What does mean the abbreviation ERP?

A: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – the organizational strategy for the integration of production and operations, human resource management, financial management and asset management, focused on continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources through an integrated package of specialized application software, provides a common data model and processes for all areas of activity

Q: What is ERP system?

A: Enterprise Resource Planning System – is a system of resource management. ERP systems are implemented to bring together all parts of the company and all the necessary functions in a single information system, which will serve the current needs of these units. ERP system is a single database for all departments and tasks, ensuring the availability, reliability and efficiency of information.

Q: What are the main objectives of introduction of ERP systems?

A: The main objectives of introduction of ERP system are:

Q: How much does it cost to introduce an ERP system?

A: The total cost of ownership ERP system includes hardware and software, consulting services and personnel costs. The final value includes the cost of installing ERP systems and the period during which the system is tracking by the specialists, its update or capacity and optimization. According to some studies, which were conducted among representatives of companies of different industries and relating both to the small or medium and big business, the average value of TCO for the entire functionality of the system was $ 1.5 million, with a range of $ 200 thousand. up to $ 3 million.

At a cost of ERP systems can be divided into two groups:

The average return of an ERP system is $ 1.2 million per year. What leads to the conclusion that the ERP system – is an expensive but effective system.

Q: What are the terms of introduction of ERP systems?

A: The implementation of ERP systems requires a change in the company’s internal procedures, and changes in the work of its employees. Due to the complexity of the project terms of introduction the systems are sufficiently large (2-3 years).

Q: What are the main risks of the implementation of ERP system?

A: Among the main risks of the project implementation of IS are the following:

Q: What is the maximum number of users which can work simultaneously in the systems based on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX?

A: Systems based on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX has no practical limit on the number of users which are working simultaneously. The number of users will depend on the hardware and system software used by the client.

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