infor-logoIn today’s business environment, managers and owners of enterprises need a tool that provides easy real-time access to the most important information on finance of the enterprise to provide successful and prompt response to changes in the market. Information on estimated, forecasted and actual data on financial flows and results of operations should be provided in an integrated form, convenient for employees of all units. Senior officers of the enterprise should ensure full control of the financial reporting and processes of submission of confidential data to meet the requirements of shareholders and other stakeholders.

CPM class systems can significantly increase the substantiation and therefore the accuracy of financial plans, forecasts and budgets, and at the same time generate reports on their implementation and provide wide opportunities for the real-time adjustment of initial budgets depending on changing circumstances. Thus, regular submissions of and changing budgets and plans become regular procedures, for which prompt response actions of employees are clearly defined, and they cease to be events that traditionally result in emergency jobs.


Strategic management for Infor Corporate Performance Management (СPM).

Implementation of the solution will give the possibility to establish links between strategic plans and operational plans, performance indicators, and resources available to the enterprise. Using the intuitive visual representation of information on how activities of some departments and employees influence the achievement of strategic objectives, it is possible to get an idea not only about business events and the source of income for a certain period, but also about if the strategic plan of the enterprise is implemented, to what extent, how effectively, and why some efforts are successful, while others fail.


Planning and budgeting.

The solution Infor CPM gives the possibility to generate and compare a variety of probabilistic scenarios, test assumptions, to evaluate the impact of events and to model the business in accordance with objectives and tasks of a higher level. Functional capabilities of the solution give the possibility to model the business using key performance indicators and to analyze the resulting model in various contexts (unit, center of financial responsibility, products, market, distribution channel and time).


Users of the solution can generate any number of budgets and plans “from scratch” with consideration for results of previous or rolling periods, using this application for increasing speed and improving accuracy of calculations, as well as for distribution and conversion of currencies. The interface of Microsoft Excel ® used as an add-on for all CPM databases provides a familiar look and functional capabilities of the most popular spreadsheet environment and at the same time eliminates problems with accuracy and control of versions. When changing any business factor, the system automatically updates all relevant financial information and reports.

Fiscal consolidation.

Implementation of the solutions gives the possibility to optimize processes of information exchange and consolidation of data on estimated cash flows within holdings or corporations, to increase financial transparency without compromising regulatory deadlines for reporting. Infor SRM automates downloading, consolidation and verification of data, even if the company has several ledgers, charts of accounts and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Financial reporting.

The solution Infor Corporate Performance Management (C PM) automates the process of generation, processing and dissemination of financial and management reports and gives the possibility to represent data in the most suitable format: in the form of dashboards, scorecards, color-coded tables, various charts, bar charts or graphs. If actual results received differ from the expected ones, the system will automatically send the appropriate warnings. Functional capabilities of the system give the possibility to compare actual values with values in budgets and forecasts, to assess trends and to promptly identify reasons of variances.


Infor CPM has built-in functions related to integration, reporting and analysis which enable personnel of all levels to get access and to use information contained in databases of various software products already implemented in the enterprise. The use of dashboards, indicators, scorecards and other visual reporting tools gives understanding of the essence of data necessary for making daily operational and strategic decisions.

Competitive advantages of implementation of Infor Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

The solution Corporate Performance Management gives the possibility to improve real-time monitoring, measurement and management of business performance through the enhancement of competitive advantages. Here are important features of Infor MPC:

Economic effect

Operating experience of the system Infor MPC shows that the use of this system gives the following advantages:

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