service-1Absence of a unified long-term strategy in the field of IT development may become one of the factors that increase the risk of reduction of the effectiveness of implementation of various information systems, optimization and automation of business processes.

The company “EnTechEco” offers the preliminary audit of information systems implemented in the enterprises, the development of the concept of their future development. The purposes of such audit of information systems of the enterprise include the following:

We offer a full set of consulting services based on a deep knowledge of business processes in various branches of economy, on the best international and national practices in the field of building efficient information systems.

Services provided by specialists of “EnTechEco” in the field of IT consulting include the following:

The company “EnTechEco” remains among the leaders of the Ukrainian IT consulting market over many years. Recommendations of specialists of the company enabled to introduce comprehensive solutions for creation of information systems in the largest enterprises of Ukraine and the CIS.

The company has a lot of experience in different branches of economy, with different technologies, that enables us to offer expert recommendations for the effective development of the IT infrastructure and the implementation of the software based on a profound knowledge and understanding of specific features of the customer’s business and the best international practices.

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