Principles of development:

Implementing the strategy of global automation of enterprises, we use a comprehensive approach: along with the localization of the development of world leaders in information technologies (such as Microsoft and IBM) we create a unique software product, our own accounting and automation systems that successfully operate in Ukrainian enterprises, optimizing all aspects of the work - from personnel records and payroll calculations to support financial and trading operations. In addition, one of the main qualities of our modules and systems is their ability to integrate with products of other developers - importing and exporting data using universal format files allows you to receive and transmit data for further processing or reporting.

Advantages for the user:

  • Using popular platforms that are compatible with major operating systems
  • Intuitive interface, use of multiple languages for data entry and display of items
  • Customization of functions according to the specifics of the enterprise
  • Changing the scope of the project - from a separate pilot facility to a whole enterprise with a complex and geographically distributed structure
  • Operational changes in algorithms and form templates depending on the latest customer requirements

ERP - Mircosoft Dynamics AX

Mircosoft Dynamics AX business and resource planing system covers all possible business processes: production management, inventory accounting, personnel accounting, etc. This effective tool is applicable in the enterprise of any industry, thanks to modern methods of development and flexible adjustment of parameters.

Accounting and tax

    Personnel Management

      Financial collection

      "Financial Collection" is a system of integrated automation of resource management and financial and economic activities of large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as their associations (corporations, holdings). It covers the most important business processes in a modern enterprise.

      Maintenance of enterprises

      A full cycle of equipment maintenance allows us to cover the system of registration of repair and technical works: with its help it is possible to draw up a plan of technological measures, control the acquisition of materials, register work and evaluate their performance, monitor equipment, automate document management and reporting.

      Classifiers and Registries

      Classifiers of reference information, being a universal database, optimize the work of various industries, from the production of goods to the work of local government. With their help, information is coded according to the developed algorithm, the data is checked and claimed, and convenient search mechanisms are developed.

      Software for management of utilities

      The collection, analysis and systematization of data on all the city's utilities is the main task of the software of our company: modern accounting systems allow you to quickly monitor the status of objects, plan and monitor their services, calculate tariffs for consumers, and regulate the use of funds.

      Other applcations

      The implementation of any scale's task - is it complex accounting system or an application - is a challenge, it's an occasion to search for new approaches and solutions. In our company’s developments potential there are various projects, both universal and specialized, that automate separate functionality - for example, material accounting.
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