Electronic classification code of commodities and materials

The solution “C&M ECC” (electronic classification code of commodities and materials) gives the possibility to create the effective automated standard and reference data management system within the formation of a single information system of the enterprise. The use of C&M ECC Automated Information System in the enterprise (corporation/holding company) gives the possibility to create the centralized standard and reference data bank, centralize standard and reference data management functions.



  • C&M classification subsystem includes all sorts of tools enabling to add, to correct, to update the classification code and the directory of commodities and materials, to track the history of changes, to create various data selections and to export data required (e.g. to Excel).
  • Basic classification code (BCC) is a tree representation established on the basis of customer needs, in which C&M are divided into classes / subclasses / types / subtypes, etc. (nesting level is not limited).
  • C&M directory includes the list of C&M, services and products manufactured by the enterprise.
  • Information on any material is presented in the C&M directory in the form of a card with the following structure: main characteristics, properties and property values, reference to regulations, given that there may be several regulations.
  • Grouping subsystem is used for grouping and organizing (sorting) nomenclatures based on lines of classification codes and properties of C&M.
  • C&M inventory subsystem is used for the prevention of recording of inauthentic, duplicated and irrelevant C&M in the C&M directory.


Data safety

This system provides required data safety level and continuous actualization of these data eliminate the possibility of storage of duplicated, incorrect or outdated information.

Advanced technologies

C&M ECC system gives the possibility to provide advanced technologies in data classification in the enterprise, it's fully functional software for efficient search, data classification and actualization. It's an effective tool of automation of technique of centralized maintenance and support of relevance of directory of commodities and materials and SRD.

Universal tool

This system gives a chance to get the best business results; availability of the customized business process used for approval of new C&M cards by roles of users; availability of tools for integration with application systems; possibility to create a basis for a single information space in the enterprise.

Practical benefits

C&M ECC can be used as a centralized common SRD database with effective tools for management and search of data, as an electronic technical catalog of products with a list of properties and their values for each nomenclature; as a tool for generation of C&M purchase orders within the whole enterprise; as a basis for automation of processes of management of inventories, procurement, production and sales.

Detailed information:

Ознакомиться с детальной информацией о функциональных возможностях продуктаElectronic classification code of commodities and materialsyou can download this PDF file"


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