The use of R&M ICS gives the following possibilities:

  • to automate maintenance and repair of equipment, to create a single information space for keeping a register of equipment of the enterprise and of works performed, to provide necessary information about equipment and its technical state to the personnel of the enterprise,
  • to improve performance and technology readiness of equipment, to reduce the number of emergency shutdowns and failures of equipment, to reduce idle losses, to plan need for resources (human, material, financial ones) for M&R and to optimize their use, to collect, to process and to generate analytical and reporting data on results of repairs,
  • to minimize the cost of repair and maintenance of equipment, to reduce the cost of production of goods (services).


  • Generation of basic general-purpose data in the system: maintenance of common reference information in the system, maintenance of registers of equipment and relevant data containing information on technical, technological and repair characteristics of equipment, maintenance of equipment configuration (lists of spare parts and materials), keeping the history of relocation of equipment.
  • Maintenance of regulatory and technical information (repairs standards and maintenance of equipment); frequency of performance, types and scope of work, time standard for work, labour inputs, qualifications and number of performers, standards for the use of materials, spare parts, tools, auxiliary and special equipment and machinery used during the performance of work, maintenance of the database of external text and graphic documentation (repair, design, engineering, technology and other documents), as well as association (linkage) of documents with different information objects of R&M ICS.
  • Scheduling of repairs and maintenance of equipment: scheduling and scope of work, planning of loads of contractors, planning of logistics support: determination of need for materials and spare parts for the planned period and generation of orders for their purchase.
  • Performance of repairs and maintenance of equipment: logging of events, monitoring of their elimination and analysis of reasons of their occurrence and development, monitoring of the technical state of equipment through the registration of resource and diagnostic parameters of equipment, logging of requests for repairs, generation of instructions in regard to preparation of technological conditions and work safety for repair personnel. preparation, performance and control of periodic maintenance works, determination of needs for material resources for repairs, analysis and control of the use of materials and spare parts, general and custom registration of time expenses related to performance of repairs, maintenance of records of repairs and defects of equipment, execution of accounting documents.


Preventive maintenance repairs

This system promotes the transition from the scheme of preventive maintenance repairs to the scheme of repairs depending on the technical state of equipment in conjunction with associated factors related to test operations, keeping records on performance and parameters of production, registration and assessment of the impact of external factors, etc.

Low cost of ownership

The proved certified methodology (and the well-balanced system of consulting and support during the commercial operation) are used for the implementation of R&M ICS. In combination with the openness of R&M ICS, this enables the system to develop with the enterprise and provides low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Multiple interaction option

Interaction with other information systems: GIS, CAD, network planning and project management systems, financial and economic, accounting and budgeting systems, ADCS, IPCS, web portals.

High security level

R&M ICS has a full-featured flexible system of granting users access to functions and data of the system; this actually means the additional security level which gives the possibility to change users access rights depending on changes of requirements to new modules and functions when adding them.

Detailed information:

Ознакомиться с детальной информацией о функциональных возможностях продуктаR&M ICSyou can download this PDF file"


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