ERP solution for gas-and-oil producing industry

ERP system allows you to automate all business processes: production and distribution, finance and logistics, marketing, relations with employees and customers. Flexibility of this system enables to customize solutions to the specific features of any enterprise within the branch.

This solution provides the best indicator of return on investment among the systems of ERP class. The system takes into account permanent changes in business processes of the company, and its flexible architecture enables to change business processes in accordance with new requirements of the market in a timely and cost-effective manner. Benefits of implementation of solution:

  • Comprehensive analysis and efficiency of business management.
  • Complete overview of all financial transactions for real-time correct decision making.
  • Easy control of cash flows.
  • Effective set of tools for financial operations and strategic planning.
  • Financial management for international business and geographically distributed organizations.
  • Compliance with the legislation of Ukraine.


The composition of the solutions:

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