ETE: Manufacturing enterprise

The solution ETE: Manufacturing Enterprise is a single solution for automation of management of corporate resources. The solution can be well adapted to necessary changes in the business and easily scaled depending on changes of number of transactions and users and volume of data.

Business benefits of the solution

  • Optimization and increase of transparency of business processes and operation of structural units,
  • Possibility to promptly obtain actual dynamic information related to the state of the enterprise for making effective management decisions,
  • Reduction of surplus stocks in warehouses,
  • Reduction of stocks in workshop storage rooms,
  • Increase in volumes of production and sales,
  • Reduction of production costs of finished products,
  • Reduction of equipment maintenance costs,
  • Optimization of stock,
  • Reduction of time for retrieval and processing of data through the use of a single information space
  • Increased efficiency of the use of resources of the enterprise,
  • Reduction of administrative costs through the optimization of operation of various units of the enterprise,
  • Strengthening of internal interaction, increased loyalty of employees of the company;

The composition of the solutions:

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