ETE: Public Utility Sector

Industrial Control System for Public Utility Facilities (MICS for PUF) is developed by “EnTechEco” on the basis of the Microsoft Dinamycs AX (Axapta) ERP-system and gives the possibility to automate management functions for the different organizations within a single information system: providers of public utility services, local authorities, etc.

Industrial Control System for Public Utility Facilities provides:

  • to create a unified database (DB) of housing facilities (LF) of the city with an exhaustive list of the characteristics of objects and the possibility of simultaneous multy-user environment;
  • creation and filling of the regulatory framework of works on buildings, taking into account norms of materials and labor resources;
  • to create a unified database of housing residents to provide the registration services of citizens;
  • automatization processes of planning works at the facilities of public utilities, capacity planning (personnel, equipment, tools),  hlanning material resources requirements;
  • automatization payroll processes;
  • automatization processes of procurement management, inventory control, and payments to suppliers
    given the actual consumption of material and labor resources;
  • automatization processes of cost management, calculation of planned and actual cost of works on buildings and utilities;
  • automatization plan vs. actual analysis;
  • includ modern billing system;
  • reporting of all needed data to municipal and government authorities .

The composition of the solutions:

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