ETE: Repair and Maintenance for gas-and-oil producing industry

Repair and maintenance industrial control system (R&M ICS) allows scheduling and scope of work, planning of loads of contractors, planning of logistics support: determination of need for materials and spare parts for the planned period and generation of orders for their purchase.

There are main functional capabilities of R&M ICS:

  • logging of events (occurrence of defects, equipment failures, process upsets, etc..), monitoring of their elimination and analysis of reasons of their occurrence and development,
  • monitoring of the technical state of equipment through the registration of resource and diagnostic parameters of equipment,
  • logging of requests (orders) for repairs,
  • generation of instructions in regard to preparation of technological conditions and work safety for repair personnel.
  • preparation, performance and control of periodic maintenance works,
  • determination of needs for material resources for repairs, analysis and control of the use of materials and spare parts,
  • general and custom (by performer) registration of time expenses related to performance of repairs,
  • maintenance of records of repairs and defects of equipment,
  • execution of accounting documents: generation, displaying and printing of documents containing information about equipment, defects, works for any period, by type, by kind, by performer, as well as in other contexts and their combinations.

The composition of the solutions:

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