ETE: Repair and Maintenance for machine manufacturing

Repair and maintenance industrial control system is an information system intended to be used for automation of management of processes associated with maintenance and repair of equipment (fixed assets) of the enterprise.

The use of R&M ICS gives the following possibilities:

  • to automate maintenance and repair of equipment,
  • to create a single information space for keeping a register of equipment of the enterprise and of works performed,
  • to provide necessary information about equipment and its technical state to the personnel of the enterprise,
  • to improve performance and technology readiness of equipment,
  • to reduce the number of emergency shutdowns and failures of equipment, to reduce idle losses,
  • to determine (to plan) need for resources (human, material, financial ones) for M&R and to optimize their use,
  • to increase the level of controllability and to improve the operational control of repair and technical processes as well as to reduce the impact of human factors on these processes,
  • to collect, to process and to generate analytical and reporting data on results of repairs,
  • to minimize the cost of repair and maintenance of equipment, to reduce the cost of production of goods (services) and thus to increase profitability of the enterprise,
  • to improve the investment attractiveness of the enterprise,

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