ETE: Repair and Maintenance for power engineering industry

R&M ICS is an expert solution in which special features of M&R being a specific kind of production activity are taken into account. The proved certified methodology are used for the implementation of R&M ICS.

R&M ICS, designed to automate maintenance and repair of equipment, may be integrated with financial and economic systems, human resource management systems, industrial process control systems (IPCS), computer-aided design (CAD) systems, automated dispatch control system (ADCS), network planning and project management systems, geographic information systems (GIS), et al. This gives the possibility to build a corporate information system of the enterprise, which would be one of the best-in-class systems, and to get the most benefit from automation. This system helps to reduce the number of emergency shutdowns and failures of equipment, to reduce idle losses, to determine (to plan) need for resources (human, material, financial ones) for M&R and to optimize their use, to increase the level of controllability and to improve the operational control of repair and technical processes as well as to reduce the impact of human factors on these processes.


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