Platform for ERP level solutions for managing physical assets

Standard features of the IBM Maximo system allow you to automate the management of maintenance and repair of equipment of enterprises of any scale, using any approaches and practices of the work, both acquiring and supplying services for repair and maintenance of equipment. Many years of experience in the operation of the Maximo system allowed us to supplement the basic version with specialized industrial solutions for energy, utilities, oil and gas industry, transport, etc.

Sub systems:

IBM® Maximo ® Asset Management – management of works on maintenance and repair of equipment

Languages and technologies:

IBM WebSphere, Java, WEB


Local solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Microsoft Dynamics® AX (Axapta) is an up-to-date enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) for medium and large companies and holdings which provides as much information to senior officers and employees as necessary for the efficient conduct of business. ERP system allows you to automate all business processes: production and distribution, finance and logistics, marketing, relations with employees and customers. In addition, flexibility of Microsoft Axapta enables to customize solutions to the specific features of any enterprise within the branch.

The system provides the best indicator of return on investment among the systems of ERP class. The analytical company Nucleus Research has conducted the study which shows that 75% of the companies, which have implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, have recouped their investments in due time, less than two years.

The market presence of Microsoft Dynamics AX exceeds 20 years; its technological advancement and functional capabilities are being permanently improved. The unique scalability of Microsoft Axapta allows the system to “grow” simultaneously with the company, and the well-known interface enables convenient operation to users.

Solutions of the company “EnTechEco” based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform meet the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation, they are certified by UkrSEPRO and have recommendations of leading Ukrainian research institutes.

Functional capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX

The system provides users with a variety of tools for business analysis and enables instant notification about important business events.

The system takes into account permanent changes in business processes of the company, and its flexible architecture enables to change business processes in accordance with new requirements of the market in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition, standard functional capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX can be extended through partnership solutions within the specific industry.

Financial Management

  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial and tax accounting
  • Settlements with clients, suppliers, employees
  • Accounting and planning of funds
  • Accounting for fixed assets

Trade and Logistics

  • Supply management
  • Warehouse management (WMS)
  • Warehouse inventory planning
  • Pricing


  • Generation of plans and schedules of utilization of production facilities
  • Analysis of utilization of work centers
  • Discovery of “bottlenecks” of the production cycle
  • Analysis of shortage of commodities and materials in shops of the enterprise
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Calculation of the planned number of production workers

Business Analysis and Reporting

  • Financial data analysis
  • Holding’s consolidated reporting
  • Ukrainian accounting statements

Human Resource Management and Payroll Calculation

  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Payroll calculation and payment of wages
  • Personnel selection
  • Personnel development
  • Ukrainian accounting statements

Production costs

  • Generation of direct production costs by groups
  • Allocation of costs on any distribution basis, including quantitative one
  • Plan vs. actual analysis of cost of products, works and services
  • Close integration with the subsystems Production, Settlements with Suppliers, Settlements with Personnel, Ledger

International Business Management

  • Record keeping in several standards (P(S)BU [Accounting Regulations (Standards)], IFRS)
  • Transformation of statements
  • Multicurrency accounting


  • Easy administration (support of Active Directory, standard client/server protocols, application server made as a standard network service).
  • Close integration with Microsoft products (SQL Server, SharePoint, Office, etc.).
  • The whole business logic of the system is made in an object-oriented language (open source, support of ASP.NET products, etc.).
  • Convenient Microsoft role-based interface (alert and global search engines are included).
  • New concept of AIF integration (support of B2B, A2A, XML, xCBL, Microsoft BizTalk).
  • Three-tier architecture (unlimited number of application servers, automatic load balancing, hot connection of new servers).
  • Excellent performance (it is operated efficiently when thousands of users are connected in the same time).

Benefits of implementation of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Comprehensive analysis and efficiency of business management.
  • Visual representation of data and intuitive interface.
  • Possibility to manage a group of companies.
  • Low aggregate cost of ownership and the best indicator of return on investment.
  • Complete overview of all financial transactions for real-time correct decision making.
  • Automation of accounting will reduce the cost of preparation of financial statements and accounting and the cost of analysis.
  • Easy control of cash flows.
  • Effective set of tools for financial operations and strategic planning.
  • Financial management for international business and geographically distributed organizations.
  • Compliance with the legislation of Ukraine.
  • >Efficient sales management which allows to improve interaction with customers.
  • Optimization of procurement and warehousing activities.
  • Reduction of warehouse inventory using a variety of planning methods.
  • Optimization and flexible planning of a production cycle.
  • Possibility to provide prompt adjustment of a current manufacturing process and its monitoring.
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