service-3Effective personnel training is a key to reducing the payback period of information system investments. Acquisition of the most powerful and functional solution would be a very inefficient investment if the company’s employees (end users) do not have perfect skills to work in the system. Training of key employees will increase flexibility and improve responsiveness to new business requirements, as well as reduce expenses related to maintenance and development of the solution used.

Leading consultants of “EnTechEco” have unique competence and design experience in the development and implementation of corporate information systems. Our consultants train employees of corporate customers within the implementation of projects on automation of business processes of enterprises; the purpose of such training is to provide background knowledge related to operation of solutions to be implemented to the customer’s personnel.

Consultants of the company “EnTechEco” will prepare the individual training program, which will comprise fundamentals of operation of the system with consideration for branch specificity of the corporate customer, negotiate various scenarios they may face in the course of the daily operation of the system with employees in detail.

Experts of the company “EnTechEco” will prepare and conduct trainings focused on the specificity of the corporate customer. Duration, content, place and date of each training will be specified separately.

Systematic approach to the trainings of employees of corporate customers, experience of consultants, knowledge and deep understanding of branch specific features justify the expenses for trainings of employees by specialists of the company “EnTechEco.” More than 20 competent professionals and consultants with rich branch expertise, deep knowledge of functions and capabilities of systems of Microsoft Dynamics line work in the training center. We have trained employees of many largest enterprises in Ukraine and the CIS. Here are competitive advantages of our training center:

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